Thursday, December 21, 2017

Étant donnés (GW 014) / Shades of Eternal Night (GW 015)

Gravity Wave 2018

(Photo of the eastern shore of Syros by Michael Pisaro)

After a hiatus of about three years, Gravity Wave will swing back into action in 2018 with three releases (containing seven discs total).

(Photo of Étant donnés, Marcel Duchamp, exterior, by Yuko Zama)

 Étant donnés (GW 014) is a six-track disc based almost entirely on samples.

1. give me your sines (2’44)
2. rounds most pinched, most arched (10’00)
3. bass never smiles (4’04)
4. sympathy for 11 (11’00)
5. escape from new chords (6’24)
6. shosty riot (5’34)

(Photo of Fifty Days at Iliam, Cy Twombly, by Yuko Zama)

Shades of Eternal Night (GW 015) is largely derived from piano recordings by Reinier van Houdt. It contains several field recordings made on Syros (Greece) as well. The piece is in three sections as follows:

I. Ghosts of the Site (7'00)
II. Event Storm (20'00)
III. The Poem of Names (17'00)

Both of these will be released early in 2018.

(Photo of the ancient fortress of Kastri, on Syros, by Michael Pisaro)


(Along the Grosse Mühl, Austria. Photo by Michael Pisaro)

Before the end of the year, the label will release a 5-disc box set titled Nature Denatured and Found Again (GW 016-020)

The piece is derived from field recordings made along the Grosse Mühl River, Neufelden, Austria, from 2011 to 2015 (during the flussaufwärts project created by Joachim Eckl, Marcus Kaiser and myself). Alongside the recordings of the river as it flows down from Neufelden to the Danube, are performances by Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Marcus Kaiser, Radu Malfatti, André Möller, and Kathryn Pisaro. I’ve been working on the piece since 2011 and will be very happy to have it finally see the light of day.

Disc 1: Fissures in Green (2011)
Disc 2: Pathsplitter (Yellow-Red) (2012)
Disc 3: Landscape in Black and Grey (2013)
Disc 4: White Light Under the Door  (2014)
Disc 5: Hellgrün (Small New World) (2015)

Each disc will be 72 minutes long.

(Jürg Frey playing during Flussaufwärts in 2011. Photo by Emmanuelle Waeckerle)

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