Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Early October

The release of the next Gravity Wave project, Continuum Unbound, is imminent: we expect it will be ready to ship by the beginning of October. 

It is a box with three discs – 3 hours and 36 minutes of music total – and our biggest project to date. 

In addition to the box, each disc has its own cover, and there is a booklet with score excerpts, photographs and extensive liner notes. (Scroll down to the previous entry, if you are interested in the musical contents. I'll just add that the contributions from Greg Stuart, Patrick Farmer, Joe Panzner and Toshiya Tsunoda, were incredible.) 

We're very excited to get this out, but it is expensive to produce, so pre-orders would be very welcome. (This can be done using the button for the box on the right side panel.) Thanks to everyone who has already pre-ordered and for the support of the label in general.

I've reproduced the box cover above, and the three CD covers below. 

Box cover collage and the photos for 011 and 012 are by Greg Stuart. The photo for 013 is by myself (Michael Pisaro). Yuko Zama designed the whole set. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Continuum Unbound, Fall 2014

In the Fall of 2014, Gravity Wave will release three CDs comprising the new work Continuum Unbound, the largest project we have undertaken with the label.

It is a piece in three separate parts, each 72 minutes long, each one disc.

Kingsnake Grey is a field recording of sundown in the Congaree National Park in South Carolina. The beautiful and erratic sonic transformation that occurred over the 72 minutes was the model for the other two pieces. (GW 011)

Congaree Nomads takes as its basis 24 three-minute recordings Greg Stuart and I made in the park, along Cedar Creek and the Kingsnake, the Weston Lake and the River trails. It is a “nomadic” series that moves very gradually from the Creek to the Congaree River. Instrumental “fogs” (harmonies made by Pisaro and Stuart) overlay the field recordings. (GW 012)

Anabasis is a composition in 72 parts for five musicians, loosely based on four kinds of materials: Sand, Wind, Tone and Wave. The musicians featured on this recording (in addition to Pisaro and Stuart) will be Patrick Farmer, Joe Panzner and Toshiya Tsunoda. (GW 013)

Continuum Unbound, as the title implies, attempts to hear how the apparent continuum of the sounding world is actually a series of states that are as fragile and discontinuous as they are solid and connected. (Discrete continuity is one of the ways we have of understanding contingency.)

The three discs will be available  in a box (along with a printed essay).

(Photos are by Greg Stuart and Michael Pisaro)