Sunday, April 24, 2016

Michael Pisaro European Tour (May 2016)

Detail from score for fields have ears (10).


Tectonics Glasgow 2016 Festival, Hosted by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
City Halls and Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, UK

Sunday, May 8, 16:45, Grand Hall
Premiere of Lucretius Melody for soprano, viola, two guitars and electronics (35’).  Based on the fourth book of Lucretius’ de rerum natura (and the fourth of six pieces in a series based on that work).

Jessika Kenney, soprano, Eyvind Kang, viola, Neil Davidson and Michael Pisaro, guitars

Sunday, May 8, 18:15, Grand Hall
Premiere of fields have ears (10) (constellation, monarch, canyon) for piano and orchestra (25’), also features works by Alvin Curran and Alwynne Pritchard.

John Tilbury, piano, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Ilan Volkov, conductor

On May 7, I will be playing Annea Lockwood’s Jitterbug, along with Eyvind Kang, Jessika Kinney and John Tilbury, (16:30, Grand Hall)

Recording at Césaré near Reims, France 

With Stéphane Garin (percussion) and Didier Aschour (guitar).

We will be recording two pieces for guitar, percussion and electronics for the Paris-based label Potlatch: Hearing Metal (4) (Birds in Space) (2010/2011) and Grounded Cloud (2015).


Concert at Instants Chavirés, May 13, 21:00 (9pm)
Les Instants Chavirés 7, rue Richard-Lenoir 93100 Montreuil

Hearing Metal 4 (Birds in Space) and Grounded Cloud
Didier Aschour, guitar
Stéphane Garin, percussion
Michael Pisaro, electronics

San Sebastián/Donostia, Spain

Workshops and Concertsat Tabakalera, May 14 and 15
Centro Internacional de Cultura Contemporánea
Plaza de las cigarreras, 1, 20012. Donostia / San Sebastián

With Stéphane Garin and Dider Aschour

The concerts will include Hearing Metal (4), Grounded Cloud and melody, silence (1) for guitar

Haan (near Düsseldorf), Germany

May 19, 20:00, Concert with Antoine Beuger at the Atelier im Hof, Wilhelmstraße 21, 42781 Haan

Music and texts by John Ashbery, Antoine Beuger, Jürg Frey, Alex Mah, Michael Pisaro and Christian Wolff.


May 22, Maze Festival, Splendor, Amsterdam
Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, 1011 LX, Amsterdam

19:30: Here 2/3, Dante Boon and Reinier van Houdt, pianos
20:00: Preconcert talk with Michael Pisaro and Samuel Vriezen
20:30: MAZE plays Michael Pisaro (festhalten, loslassen) and Yannis Kyriakides (Oneirocriticon)


Angelica Festival, May 25, 21:30, Centro di Ricerca Musicale, Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna

Music of Michael Pisaro
entre-moments: constellations & the earth and the sky (2005)
White Metal (Grey Series No. 2) (2012/13)

Performed by Reinier van Houdt (piano, electronics) and Michael Pisaro (electronics)


May 27, recording for erstwhile records with Keith Rowe at APO-33.

May 28, 20:30, Plateforme Intermédia, La Fabrique, 2 boulevard Léon Bureau, Nantes
ONsemble with Keith Rowe and Michael Pisaro

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