Tuesday, February 28, 2012

fields have ears (6) : released!

I'm very happy to announce that fields have ears (6) is now officially available from erstdist and can be ordered from this page or that site. There's some information about the release a couple posts down. The inside of the card comes with notes on the piece and a page of the score (which you can see in Yuko Zama's photo of the packaging below).

Soon I hope to post about the concepts behind the two series, Hearing Metal and fields have ears. Each series has so far been represented by three recordings - on Gravity Wave (Hearing Metal 2, Hearing Metal 3, and now fields have ears (6)), Edition Wandelweiser Records (Hearing Metal 1, EWR 0902) and another timbre (fields have ears (1) and fields have ears (4), both on at37).

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