Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gravity Wave 005 and 006 out now.

The two new Gravity Wave discs are now available - two more pieces in the Hearing Metal series. Below I have posted basic credit info for both CDs. I will probably update with further information on the pieces in a while, but am curious to see what listeners make of them, before saying too much myself. Greg and I are really proud of these and hope you enjoy them. (Ordering information is on the right side panel.)

Hearing Metal 2 (La table du silence)
Michael Pisaro (2010/2011) (after Constantin Brâncuşi)
to Yuko Zama
Michael Pisaro: radio, guitar, sine tones, recording, assembly, mixing, mastering
Greg Stuart: percussion, recording
Greg Stuart plays almglocken, bell plates, brake drums, chimes,various metal instruments/objects with contact microphones, cymbals, glockenspiel, gongs, steel drums, tam-tams, vibraphone
Organ samples by John Pisaro
Field Recordings from Big Sur, California, Neufelden, Austria, and Haan, Germany
Hearing Metal 3 (Prometheus, 1911)
Michael Pisaro (2010/2011) (after Constantin Brâncuşi)
to red fish blue fish
Michael Pisaro: sine tones, mixing, mastering
Greg Stuart: sixteen suspended cymbals, grains/surfaces, recording, mixing


  1. Hi Michael. Just listened to Hearing Metal 2. Was completely blown away by it. The density and activity of sound is incredible. Would love to know how it was put together. It feels like the kind of thing Cage was after in some of the later Variations pieces but here articulated so clearly, combined with the erotic sensuousness of Feldman, as the physical qualities of the sounds rub against each other and combine to create something really extraordinarily tactile. Wow.

  2. Hi Philip, thanks for your comment. It was assembled from a large set of recordings Greg made of a diverse set of mid-range metal percussion instruments (everything from gongs of all kinds, various ways of playing the vibraphone and brake drums to metal objects he found). This came to about 80 separate tracks. I divided them into rough groupings according to sound type: pitched, semi-pitched, mixtures and noise. I then adjusted each track (one by one and then in groups - this took a long time) up and down over the course of the piece, according to a chart that "braided" these types of sound together (i.e., with the pitched sounds cresting at 7'30", the noise sounds as 17'30" and so on).

  3. I listened to both pieces very recently and must say that they indeed happen to be very beautiful. I'd love to buy these records. However, it seems that one can only acquire them physically. Given both my rather remote whereabouts and the fact that I do not own a CD-player, I'd like to ask where one can buy your music digitally. I did some researching, and was unable to find a store.
    I do not know whether or not you hold physical records in high regard and hope not to offend you by asking.

  4. Niklas, thanks for the comment. It would indeed be possible to order a download of these. Please contact Jon at erstrecs@aol.com, and he will set you up.