Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Second Set of Releases

We’re ready to announce the second pair of Gravity Wave releases, currently slated for February, 2011 – discs featuring works by Pisaro for electronic samples and live instruments.

Gravity Wave 003: close constellations and a drum on the ground

close constellations and a drum on the ground (2010) is derived from low frequency percussion samples by Greg Stuart which alternate with beating harmonies of high sine tones. To these crotales (played by Stuart) and electric guitar (played by Barry Chabala), are added at the threshold of recognition.

Gravity Wave 004: asleep, street, pipes, tones

asleep, street, pipes, tones consists of a bed of samples formed from field recordings, organ (air sounds, drones, overtones) and piano – along with sine tones. Sections of samples alternate and overlap with a duo for bass clarinet and electric guitar in this 65-minute piece. (Katie Porter, bass clarinet; Barry Chabala, electric guitar)

Reviewing the premiere of this piece at Experimental Intermedia in NY in December 2009, Brian Olewnick wrote: [T]he effect of the whole was one of sustained concentration and appreciation of sounds, their mingling with other sounds (and pausing to allow ample time for this appreciation), the artful pacing and the choices made of adjacent tones and beyond adjacency to the limits of one's memory. A gorgeous piece – hope to hear it on disc one day.